Episode 11

April 25, 2007

Student filmmaker Kallie Burke documents her team's search for Florida's skunk ape, with Baile Funk from Man Recordings.

Florida International University TV/film student Kallie Burke set out with several classmates to complete a class project. They chose to make a short documentary, and their subject was to be Florida's infamous "skunk ape" -- a southern bigfoot spotted prowling the everglades since 1947, but never caught or officially documented. The result was Footprints, a 15 minute glimpse into a student team's chase after a most elusive quarry. Kallie fills us in on what went into making the film.

Baile Funk is a type of dance music that started at the clubs and parties of Rio's underground. It has recently started to make a mark in North America, though most of the releases are bootlegs or cheap copies of the style and flavor. But Germany's Man Recordings has begun releasing a series of records and compilations featuring Baile Funk DJs in their prime. We offer here samplings from "Baile Funk Masters #1" (featuring DJ Sandrinho) and "Baile Funk Masters #2" (featuring DJ Sany Pitbull).

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